Quick Updates On The Road

Ok, lots has happened since last pitiful update. Got the bike out of the container an all day event. Lots of excitement at the yard. Each bike comes out of the the container from Singapore and it like Christmas! All the bikes get unloaded and then we locate some fuel. The bikes have to ship empty and the batteries have to be disconnected before they are placed in the container. Well one of the riders bikes starts spewing fuel all over the place. The fuel pump inlet is
cracked! The guys go to work trying to repair the crack with epoxy and James, I and Godfather, start shagging bikes back to the hotel.

When we get back to the hotel there is a big GS with knobbies already there?? We check it out but the owners not around. Just an odd coincidence to see another GS Like the bike from Singapore. I get to work on my bike, adding some new parts to my bike. New windshield, mudflaps, and tailbag. I have ditched my BMW hard, tail case for a soft case, hoping to reduce some weight from the the back of the bike and hopefully prevent any further damage to my subframe I
repaired for the third time. The guys return from the shipping yard after leaving the one damaged bike overnight in hope that epoxy will have time to set on the fuel pump. While they are checking in the guy with the big GS we saw in the parking lot stops by to see all the other GS’s that have magically appeared in the middle of Mongolia. We chat him up a bit and just before he leaves I asked him if he might be interested in selling us his fuel pump.

Loa, the rider with the broken fuel pump has arranged for a back up to be sent from Korea, but it won’t be here until Tuesday. Loa is in the hotel trying to secure a ride in a truck to fallow us in case the fuel pump fix doesn’t take. Our new friend Shane says no problem! Anything to help out a fellow biker! So the gang heads over to Shane’s house and remove his fuel pump for a spare. Loa, leaves him $500 U.S. as a deposit and were back in business! We go out to celebrate our good fortune to nice dinner at local pub appropriately named, Ghengis Kahn. After while some of the group go to the airport to pick up Chris, Godfather-David and I head out to a local Nightclub. David loves to look at any type of girl! and gets very animated any time we get around any. Big flirt! So he’s always fun to go at with even though he’s 71!

So we arrive the bar around 10:30, nothing is going on, only a few people that look like they are celebrating someones birthday. David, immediately says “bad place” But we are here, so we have drink. After our second drink we start to see a band setting up and then some more people show up and by the time the band starts it packed! David is very happy! Lots of beautiful Mongolian woman and the band is fronted by a scantily clad singer with a great voice. We are having a great time and then Chris and the rest of the guy’s return from the airport around 1am. Everybody is having a great time but we can see that the locals are getting a bit hammered as some fights start occurring. The bouncers are on it but we decide to get out of there. We gotta ride tomorrow/today:)

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